​(1) I support the passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution which shall require the federal government to balance expenditures with revenues on an annual basis. 

(2) I support the Term Limits Amendment to the U.S. Constitution for members of the U.S. Congress. The limit for a House member would be 3 two-year terms, and 2 four-year terms for U.S. Senate members. We must replace career politicians with citizen legislators in accordance with the philosophy of America's Founding Fathers. I will not plan to serve more than three terms if elected as your next Congressman.

(3) I support the Fair Tax Act, H.R. 25, which would repeal the income tax amendment, eliminate all business, personal income, and capital gains taxes; it will replace them with a national sales/consumption tax that all Americans would be subject to. This would also eliminate the current unworkable, inefficient, wasteful and destructive U.S. Federal Tax Code. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would also be eliminated with the passage of the Fair Tax Act. 

(4) I support the passage of legislation that would make members of the U.S House and Senate subject to the same laws and regulations that all other Americans must comply with. This would include legislation that would make members of the U.S. House and Senate subject to the same insider trading laws that all other Americans are subject to. 

(5) I support the implementation of an independent audit of Congress (by a nonpartisan agency) to identify fraud, waste, and abuse of federal taxpayer funds across the federal government. I will sponsor legislation to eliminate such fraud, waste, and abuse in the future thereafter. I will further sponsor a weekly Congressional special-order presentation entitled: "Anderson's Spending Outrage of the Week"; until I leave Congress.

(6) I support implementation and passage of legislation to conduct a complete comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve and all its transactions since 1913. I support legislation to eventually phase out and eliminate the Federal Reserve as the manager of America's monetary system. Management control of the nation's monetary system should be transferred back to Congress as originally intended by America's Founding Fathers. 

(7) I strongly support the 2nd Amendment 

(8) I support full repeal of ObamaCare and will oppose any/all future attempts to establish a national health care system run or managed by the federal government. I favor restoring a totally free-market health care system. Individuals should retain the authority to determine the level of care they require, the level of care they can afford, the level and type of health insurance they want, the doctors they prefer, and the medications/treatments they want, as well as having full control over end-of- life decisions for themselves. No American must ever be forced by its government to buy goods/products/services they do not wish to purchase for any reason. 

I believe that tax deductions for setting up private medical savings accounts are an attractive option for Americans when coupled with basic catastrophic health insurance   coverage. I will insist that health insurance sales be legalized nationally across state lines to increase competition among the insurance companies. I concur that individuals have the right to band together in groups to negotiate the best health care rates with the insurance companies. I favor the establishment of health care exchanges nationwide to drastically lower health care costs for its members while providing superior treatment. I agree that tort reform is very critical to reducing costs for health care and believes that the government's current system is laden with fraud, waste, and abuse requiring urgent legislative reforms. 

(9) I support the passage and implementation of fair trade agreements that will not result in the exportation of American manufacturing and middle-class jobs to other countries. I will insist that the President of the United States pursue the elimination of all foreign tariffs by other nations on American products, goods, and services which would stimulate the creation of thousands of jobs for the American people.

I support repeal of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Most Favorite Nation (MFN) trade status for Communist China since these agreements have resulted in the exportation of millions of American jobs and have not achieved their original objectives. I oppose any/all so called free trade agreements that are for the exportation of American jobs by multi-national corporations. I support fair but equal trading relationships between nations.

(10) I support a renewed emphasis on the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution to restore the rights and responsibilities of our states under our federal system of government. 

(11) I support the maintenance of a strong national defense and a military second to none, that is adequately funded, to defend the United States against all potential and actual aggressors, attacks, and actual national security threats from abroad. American military force should only be used to defend the United States and its allies from attack based on our approved treaties. I will not support the deployment of the U.S. military into wars unless total military victory is the objective and all our troops possess the required logistics support/resources to win the war as quickly as possible with minimal casualties and loss of life.

(12) I support the establishment of performance metrics and objectives for every constitutional federal program and agency on an annual basis. I will vote to terminate all federal programs and agencies that are not authorized by the U.S. Constitution.

(13) I support the implementation and passage of a Line Item Veto Amendment to the U.S. Constitution granting the President the legal authority to veto any/all spending line items in federal spending/appropriations bills passed by Congress. 

(14) I support passage of legislation that would terminate the current retirement system for new members of Congress elected in 2018 and require the inclusion of newly elected members of Congress into the nation's Social Security program. I also pledge that I will not accept a Congressional pension if elected and will sponsor legislation to terminate life time pensions for newly elected members of Congress and the Senate beginning in 2018. I will also support legislation banning ex-members of Congress and the Senate along with their staff members (for life) from becoming paid lobbyists after they leave office. 

(15) I support legislation that will implement zero base-line budgeting for Congress on an annual basis.

(16) I support legislation to end all foreign aid. 

(17) I will never support bailouts of any kind. 

(18) I will also vote to totally defund American financing of the United Nations that are not in the interests of the United States. I will vote to transfer/relocate the United Nations Headquarters to another nation immediately.

(19) I will insist that the President enforce all laws regardless of political affiliation or preference since he is the nation's chief law enforcement officer. This will include the enforcement of the nation's immigration laws designed to prevent the entry of criminals and terrorists, those with dangerous communicable diseases, and those who would become dependent wards of the federal government and the American taxpayer. I will insist that the President of the United States take all measures to secure our borders and ports to eliminate the entry of illegal immigrants.

I do not believe that immigration can be reformed without first gaining control of our nation's borders and ports. I will never support any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants. I support and will vote for a wall on the southern border of the United States to prevent the entry of illegal immigrants. I will also support and vote for travel bans of all foreign nationals who are criminals and terrorists, and to remove them at the earliest possible time if they are discovered inside the United States. I will also support the reform of the current VISA system to ensure that foreign visitors to the United States leave when their approved VISAS expire. I will support the end of chain migration, and the end of the Visa lottery system. I will support the implementation of E-Verify for employers across the nation. I will not support any amnesty for “Dreamers” and will insist they apply to remain in the United States and obtain approval to become resident aliens. 

(20) I support the elimination of all federal laws, rules, controls, and regulations that are designed to limit the exploration, discovery, development, production, and refinement of abundant American energy resources. America has an abundance of national gas, oil, and other resources, that if developed and produced, would result in American energy independence. This will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs for Americans, reduce the cost of energy for all our citizens, and eliminate the risk of foreign governments cutting off our access to precious energy resources.

​(21) I will never vote for the use of federal funds to pay for abortions under any circumstances. I will never vote to allocate federal funds to organizations that either perform or promote abortion. I will always vote to protect innocent human life, and I will never vote for any legislation authorizing or approving euthanasia. I will always vote to protect innocent human life in any/all circumstances.

(22) I believe that the size of the federal government is out of control. The General Accounting Office (GAO) has estimated that over half of the total federal workforce is performing functions that could be performed by the commercial sector. I agree many of those functions are not inherently governmental. I agree that the federal work force should be studied to determine which of these federal functions could be more cost effectively performed by American commercial contractors. This can be accomplished under the A-76 program in accordance with my experience as an Air Force civilian manager for 40 years. The first federal agency to undergo A-76 study would be the Veteran's Administration (VA) particularly about its health care functions which I believe should be immediately outsourced. 

(23) I believe that schools should be managed locally to ensure accountability and parental involvement. The authority of parents to determine the education of their children without interference from the government is critical. I agree that parents should have control of and responsibility for all funds expended for their children's education. I am a strong supporter of parents who choose to home school their children. I support the use of local vouchers to allow parents the flexibility to choose the best schools for their children irrespective of location. The introduction of competition is essential to reform of our educational system. I believe that education is the responsibility of the parents and the state/local school systems, not the federal government. I would vote for the immediate abolition of the federal Department of Education which has failed the American people.

(24) I will never propose or offer support for federal expenditures for projects that are earmarked for the 10th congressional district and will support legislation to
eliminate earmarks from all bills. 

(25) I will propose or offer support for the elimination of unnecessary federal regulations that negatively impact the effective operation of the free market and private business.

(26) I will propose and vote for the total elimination of all forms of corporate/banking welfare and subsidies. I will propose and vote for reform of the nation’s welfare system requiring that those able-bodied adults work for their benefits in lieu of the current systems across the nation that do not reward hard work. 

(27) I promise not to vote for any bill that I have not read or for any measure that would increase the national debt or violate the U.S. Constitution.

(28) I will propose and vote for critical reform of the nation's Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, federal pension, and senior drug entitlement programs that are
on automatic pilot and will go bankrupt without realistic cost-effective changes that have been delayed which threaten the nation's future financial security.

(29) I will not support or vote for any massive end of fiscal year omnibus federal spending bills to fund the operation of the federal government because of the Congress' failure to pass each of the required 12 individual appropriations spending bills each fiscal year. 

(30) I will not personally profit for my service in Congress. I will voluntarily establish a public financial oversight committee (consisting of clergy, public, financial accountant, and press/media members) to meet annually to review and verify that I am not profiting from my position in Congress.